When deciding to join any organization, it is important that you first understand what the organization is all about and if there are benefits in becoming involved. All too often Video Buyers Group is looked at only as a way to lower the cost of goods, operating expenses or the overall cost of doing business, which of course we do. These are issues that all businesses must deal with, but in reality they are only a small part of a much bigger concern…profitability. In today’s video industry it is much more difficult to be profitable. Finding new ways to generate revenue, new ways of retailing, marketing and promoting your business, and ways to deal with the changes that are occurring, are more of an issue for independents than ever before. Being profitable encompasses far more than simply getting a better price. It is this profitability that is the focus of Video Buyers Group. Product research, supplying accurate information, developing marketing programs and new sources of revenue has taken VBG far beyond simply the price of products.

This search for profitability has also extended the arm of Video Buyers Group well beyond video. Because of VBG’s size and the involvement of our members and our constant search for new ways to being profitable, VBG is also a major concern in other industries. As once stated in a major trade magazine, “VBG is a very diverse organization involved in the entertainment industry. It doesn’t seem to matter where you look, eventually you’ll find VBG. It is this diversity and involvement of its members that truly is VBG’s strength and brings to those involved a unique perspective and opportunity.”

Video Buyers Group has evolved into much more than what first was its intention because of the larger purpose (profitability) that we are able to offer many more benefits to our members.