Because in our opinion Ingram offers our independent video retailers more advantages than any other distributor in the industry. When combined with VBG this unique relationship offers unequaled benefits. Ingram Entertainment is our industry’s #1 distributor. They are the largest by far and the single most influential non-retail business in the video industry. They have demonstrated to everyone, especially VBG, that they are concerned about our industry and sensitive to the issues of independents. They have shown this concern by taking an active role in working with studios, organizations such as NAVD, VSDA and VBG. They believe that being the industry’s largest distributor carries with it a responsibility to represent all that choose to take part in the services they offer. They are committed to the industry and believe that they must try everything within their power to keep it as healthy as possible. Their sales reps and employees are considered to be the best in the business and the most experienced.

Ingram Entertainment has not always been #1. They entered the industry a number of years back when we had many more distributors in the video business. They started small, working hard to offer the best service possible and they hired experienced, well-qualified employees, taking an active role in helping the video industry grow. It was, and still is, their belief that they need to offer all that is within their power to keep every retailer, no matter how large or small, prospering in this industry. Ingram has been very supportive of Video Buyers Group for a good number of years because they believe we offer great advantages for our independent members that are also active Ingram accounts. One advantage that comes with this long-standing relationship (Ingram and VBG) is stability and an understanding of the objectives, concerns and philosophy of each other’s business. As VBG is a national buying group, we utilize all branches of Ingram Entertainment. There are very few sales reps or employees within the Ingram system who are not familiar with VBG and the programs, services, specials and opportunities our members receive. This eliminates confusion and missed opportunities. Within Ingram’s computer system it is possible to track our member’s dollars. Being able to track our volume makes it possible to use each dollar as a tool for VBG to negotiate additional advantages and address concerns of our retailers. The volume of dollars spent with Ingram annually is considerable and ranks VBG among the largest accounts in Ingram’s system. It also verifies VBG as one of the top 5 accounts in the business for studios and others. We have the ability to track and verify, by title and studio, the number of overall units purchased by VBG members, which is extremely important when asking for support from studios and others in the industry. This tracking ability goes well beyond video and includes any services and products, including games, offered by Ingram. With VBG and Ingram’s support our members receive advantages offered to no one else in the industry. It is a unique relationship unequaled by anyone in the industry that benefits everyone involved.


Why Ingram Entertainment?
Ingram Entertainment is more than a distributor of products; they are our business partners. In addition to stocking your shelves with the Video/DVD titles you need, they provide services and merchandising support to help ensure your success. With Video Buyers Group and Ingram Entertainment you can expect more.

Easy Ordering
Call toll-free 1-800-621-1333 to place orders. You will receive instant stock verification on our video titles when you place telephone orders; Ingram Entertainment also offers you the highest fill-rate in the industry.

Monthly sales of $1,000 earn you free shipping. Individual orders must be $100 or more for this free shipping.

Speedy Delivery
When you place your order, Ingram guarantees your video product will be shipped in 24 hours or less. New releases will be shipped to arrive on street date. With distributor centers and will-call facilities throughout the country to support their over 20,000 title inventory, Ingram Entertainment is ready.

Ingram Entertainment offers all Video Buyers Group members a special discount from their dealer price list, with additional volume discount incentives available. Please contact your Ingram Entertainment sales representative for more details.

The Latest News
For news of upcoming video/DVD releases Ingram offers Entertainment Preview, a weekly magazine. Quarterly special interest sell-through catalogs feature titles in different genres such as Fitness, Health, Sports, Children, Family and Holiday Gift Guide. Also a monthly Electronics magazine covers new games and electronic hardware.

Special Promotions and Merchandising Assistance
Gain the edge on your competition by using special promotions offered throughout the year. Ingram will help you buy best-selling video/DVD titles fast at low competitive prices. For in-store promotions Ingram has P.O.P. materials such as posters, counter cards, mobiles and standees available.

Video for Sale
Seasonal sell-through promotions with guaranteed sales and extended dating (subject to credit approval) to bolster your video/DVD sell-through business. Contact your Ingram Entertainment sales representative for more details.

Consumers Magazine
Free consumer magazines Vid Bits Gazette,and Now Premiering. Must be an active Ingram account buying an average of $750 per month to receive 100 magazines for your customers. “Vid Bits Gazette” magazines announce new releases, oldies but goodies, and specials and contests for your customers. These magazines can be individualized with your store name. Additional copies are available at a reasonable cost. You will also receive 50 copies of our Now Premiering magazines. Call your Ingram sales rep for info.