Manufactures fluorescent lamps and offers a full line of General Lighting and Tanning Lamps for all your needs. Our engineers are happy to work with customers to develop the lamp they need.

Interlectric is proud to manufacture all our lamps here in the U.S.A. Our
quality lamps reflect our 70 plus years of fluorescent lamp manufacturing experience, including over 30 years of manufacturing tanning lamps.

Interlectric is committed to keeping our World beautiful. We offer all of
our customers recycling kits making our lamps Eco-Friendly!

Call now to order Factory Direct: 1 (800) 722-2184

kendraKendra Smith is a Sales Professional for Interlectric. Kendra has been an employee for Interlectric for over 12 years. Her main responsibility over the years has been purchasing, but with working for a small company like Interlectric comes many additional responsibilities. For years one of her additional responsibilities has been the task of handling salon customers who are members of MR International. Kendra brings to our sales department many years of experience and knowledge about tanning lamps. She can help provide salons the right direction and know-how with selecting the best and appropriate tanning lamps for their business. Kendra has been a life-long resident of Warren, Pa. She has a busy and involved life between juggling work, family and raising two young children. Call and speak to Kendra today about all of your tanning lamp needs.

My Salon Suggest: I want to get you the best I/C lamp for you and your customers. If you call in with the sticker information off your unit and the lamp you have in your units now, I guarantee I will get you an I/C lamp that you will love.

My Favorite Lamps: The Phoenix Extreme is a rockin’ tanning lamp that deliveries a dark, rich tan. The bonus, it’s a 10-minute lamp with a rated life hour from 800 to 1000 hours. It’s a very profitable lamp for salons and great for customers with a strapped time schedule.

sueSue Larson: Sue Larson is a Sales Professional for Interlectric. Sue worked in automobile sales for 15 years.  She left the auto industry and continued working as an office manager for a cash register company, until they downsized.  Sue decided to get back into sales, and started working at Interlectric Tanning Sales Division in January 2009.  I decided to get back into sales because I enjoy talking to customers and selling them the products they need.  To be in sales you have to believe in the product you are selling.

My Favorite Lamps: The Panther 9.5 .  This lamp gives you a rich bronze tan and is a great value.

Phone: 800-722-2184 Ext. 140

Fax: 814-723-6069


dave_powerDave Sowers is a Senior Sales Professional for Interlectric. Dave had just graduated from Gannon University in the summer of 1993 when he accepted a tanning sales position with Interlectric back in November of 1993.  He continued to selling tanning lamps throughout the 1990’s along with private label tanning beds and tanning lotions.  Dave was promoted to Customer Service Manager in 1997 and worked for Interlectric until December 31st, 1999.  He left in 2000 to start a sales career in the semiconductor industry selling sockets and printed circuit boards for life testing.  Dave came back to Interlectric in October 2003, and has been selling tanning bulbs ever since.

My Favorite Lamps: Super Sun X6500’s – Our top selling 20 minute tanning lamp.  It is not only economical, but provides a natural looking bronze tan with very little reddening.

Super Sun Phoenix Extreme – A true 10 minute tanning lamp that provides a golden bronze tan and is rated at 1200 hours.

Super Sun X-Calibur FR72 CR10 170W compatible to Genesis FR72 VHO 170W RS a great alternative for Ergoline Super Sundash units for natural bronze tan.

Phone: 800-722-2184 Ext. 135

Fax: 814-723-6069


joanne_lyonJoann Lyon is a Senior Accounts Professional at Interlectric Corp.  Joann has been at Interectric this time for 5 1/2 years.  Prior to returning to I/C, Joann worked at Cummins Engine.  Joann is Smart Tan Certified, and has many years of selling lamps, beginning in the late 80’s.  Joann has also gone through sales training and is ready to help with compatibility and lamp questions.

My Salon Suggest: Always TRUCKS TRUCKS TRUCKS.  Not only do our VBG customers get great pricing on their lamps, but cost-effective, safe shipping as well.

My Favorite Lamps: My top product (s) would be M-Power all the way.  FR71/VHO/ABS 6.5 M-Power and FR71/HO/ABS 6.5 M-Power.  Excellent bronzing, longevity and a great price.

Phone: 800-722-2184 Ext. 128

Fax: 814-723-6069


Catalog Info

Interlectric is proud to manufacture all of our lamps here in the U.S.A. Our quality lamps reflect our 65 plus years of fluorescent lamp manufacturing experience, including over 20 years of manufacturing tanning lamps. Our sales staff and customer service support staff has years of experience in the tanning industry; enabling them to better serve your needs in this changing market. With our own shipping fleet we are able to deliver lamps safely to 32 states for a flat rate on orders of 36 lamps or more:

  • Factory Direct Pricing
  • Quality Products with Time-Proven Results
  • Experienced Staff
  • Reliable and Inexpensive Shipping!!!

Replacement Lamp Compatibility must be within 10% (+ or-) of the UV output of the original lamp that came with your unit to be considered “compatible”. Interlectric tanning lamps are compatible with over 250 lamps in the industry and are registered as equivalent in the compliance with the Federal Performance Standard 21CFR 1040.20. A compatibility list is included with every case of your lamps and is honored by inspectors across the country.

Tanning Unit Recertification

Interlectric Corporation is registered with the FDA to perform recertification of your tanning units. Recertification allows your tanning unit to compete with new units, including those using high UVB lamps, yet still be in compliance with Federal regulations. If the bulbs in your unit are not specified, you can have the unit recertified and receive new labeling. With the aid of our qualified staff, you may recertify your unit for the lamp of you choice. Please call us toll-free at 1-800-722-2184 to request recertification or more information.

Lamp Maintenance:

  • Heat is the greatest enemy of your lamp performance. Try to keep room temperatures around 66? Fahrenheit. Salons are not beaches! Remind your customers that heat does not contribute to the tanning process.
  • Flickering may indicate a need for new starters. Starters give an extra burst of current upon activation, reducing wear. Note that used lamps will start more readily than new ones.
  • It is important to clean each unit thoroughly at least once a month to maintain maximum UV output.
  • Be sure that the sockets are clean and that the lamps fit snugly. If sockets have loose contacts or worn springs, replace them. Worn sockets can cause premature darkening of the tanning lamp arcing and can shorten lamp life.
  • Check acrylics for cracks and yellowing. An old shield can block up to 70% of the UVB rays. Replacement acrylics can be purchased through your Interlectric sales representative.

The Tanning Process:

  • UVA – These are the “tanning rays” that have the longest wavelength. They penetrate the skin the deepest.
  • UVB – These are the shorter wavelength rays that produce melanin which starts the tanning process.
  • Oxygen – Found in the bloodstream, it is brought to the surface of the skin and allows for the oxidation or browning of the skin. Without oxygen, the tanning process could not take place.


Interlectric Corporation is one of the largest independent fluorescent lamp manufacturers in the world, producing all its lamps in the U.S.A. Currently we manufacture a full range of T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps. We also carry a full line of HID, incandescent, ballast, and tanning products.

Since its inception in 1939, Interlectric Corporation has built a reputation as a leader and innovator in fluorescent lamp manufacturing; specializing in designing and manufacturing fluorescent lighting, colored lighting for Hollywood studios, specialty lamps for hospitals, indoor tanning lamps for the tanning industry and much more.

In addition to a complete line of general lighting application lamps, Interlectric offers specialty lighting in the areas of actinic, aerospace, agricultural, aperture, appliance, entertainment, full spectrum, medical, merchandising, mining, reprographic, sign, tanning, and ultraviolet sources.

Complementing our standard lamps, Interlectric provides you with the opportunity to develop new products through our engineered lamp department. Through this department, our engineers work directly with you to generate specifications and product in almost any quantity. Our engineers can design custom lamps to fit your specific needs, and we have the capability to offer our private labeling on any lamp we manufacture.

We are always searching for new ways to improve on our present products. Since we sell factory direct, we are able to offer quality products at prices lower than many of our competitors. Our own fleet of trailers, delivering to 32 states, enhances our ability to serve our customers by virtually eliminating breakage and lost shipments.

Interlectric is dedicated to producing quality products to meet the needs of our customers in the marketplace. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff and customer service team will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding pricing, ordering, shipping, etc…


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