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By Ted Engen

Due to Suntan Supply no longer distributing New Sunshine products, we have been forced to select a new distributor for our Video/Indoor Tanning retailers. The selection process and negotiation for a new indoor tanning distributor has been completed. We have selected Four Seasons, headquartered in Paris, TN, as the distributor of choice for VBG retailers involved in the indoor tanning industry. Also, due to their very diverse offering of products and services, video retailers will also find benefits using this new distributor.

Four Seasons is the largest tanning distributor in the industry. Their customer service is second to none and they are committed to supporting their salon owners in a variety of ways, to include education and training for owners and employees and usually at no cost for their customers.

It is important to note that some of our VBG video/tanning retailers have utilized Four Seasons in the past or more recently to acquire New Sunshine products as they were unable to purchase them from Suntan Supply. Without exception, everyone that we talked with gave Four Seasons high marks for service, product availability and more.

New Sunshine, who manufacturers the top lotion lines in the tanning industry, has assured Video Buyers Group that they will continue to support us, as they have in the past. Also they will be able to enhance a number of specials, free goods offerings and marketing support due to their strong relationship with Four Seasons.

We have been asked not to publish the discounts off of salon pricing at this time, but we are assured it is the absolute best for independent salons and includes all lotion lines, accessories, cleaners, etc. For questions concerning the discounts you will be entitled to as a VBG retailer involved in indoor tanning, please call Donna Evans at 800.325.2769 ext. 2103. Donna will be our VBG representative to assist our members in getting accounts set up, explaining the benefits to include discounts, and more. If you already have an account with Four Seasons, you will still need to contact Donna so your account can be identified as a VBG member entitled to receive all the benefits being offered, which will include new larger discounts, all of which can be accessed by phone or on line.

For over 30 years Video Buyers Group has been able to negotiate agreements, develop new programs and benefits that truly can help our retailers be more profitable. Dealing with issues that affect our segment of the industry and finding new ways of doing business are all possible because of our retailer’s support. Once again we can assure everyone involved in indoor tanning that every dollar you spend with Four Seasons is a tool we can use for the benefit of all members.

If involved in indoor tanning, please give Four Seasons your highest consideration as your new distributor for all your tanning supplies.




Hello! My name is Donna Evans, Corporate Accounts Manager for Four Seasons and I am honored to be working with the Video Buyers Group.

Please consider me your “Direct Contact” for everything related to Tanning, Skin Care, Beauty and Wellness products. With more than 20+ years of hands-on industry experience I will keep you informed of all product promotions, specials and new product introductions.

Following are just a few of the many services available from Four Seasons:

• 24 / 7 On-line access and ordering from our large inventory of products via FS Access.

• One-on-one marketing support with updated promotions and retailing ideas.

• Training on-demand with FS Video Media & Library

• Tracking reports and all necessary information to process salon rebates and co-op advertising programs.

• A team of experienced product, lamps, parts and service specialists – who can answer questions on almost every tanning system.

Please register your business immediately in our FS Access On-Line Ordering Program at Shortly after you register you will receive an email with your FS Account Number and Password. Our website is packed with thousands of products available from Four Seasons.

As your Account Manager, I encourage you to call me as I have a special gift just for you!

I can be reached at (800) 325-2769, ext. 2103 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST.


Donna Evans | Sales Manager | Four Seasons

2505 E. Wood St. | Paris, TN 38242 |

Direct: 731.642.0234 x 2103 | Toll Free: 800.325.2769 x 2103

Fax: 731.641.2342 | Cell: 731.363.5221 |



New Sunshine Exclusive Program

The New Sunshine exclusive program is simple, if you advertise—we give you THE MOST CASH BACK to pay for your advertising AND a 5% rebate on New Sunshine Wolff Branded Lamps! If you don’t advertise—we give you THE MOST POINTS to purchase name-brand merchandise!

All you have to do is sell any of New Sunshine’s 6 LEADING BRANDS exclusively—Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, Designer Skin, JWOWW, and Kardashian Glow—and we will pay you the MOST CASH BACK! We will cut you a yearly check for your advertising expenses up to 20% of your lotion purchases including a 5% rebate on New Sunshine Wolff Branded Lamps AND it runs year-round!! You’re already carrying our products, so start being rewarded for your purchases! Premier Salons are also eligible to receive 7 different avenues of Training including exclusive Webinars and Regional Events!

We accept so much advertising it’s unreal! We pay Smart Tan Certifications, website maintenance, postage, t-shirts, radio… think about the potential yearly savings!!

If you are ready to join the best tanning lotion brands in the industry please contact your Four Seasons Corporate Accounts Manager, Donna Evans at 1-800-325-2769 ext. 2103 or  and get the agreement filled out so you can start earning the MOST CASH BACK!

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