Suntan Supply is a full-service distributor of fine tanning products. We’re committed to being leaders in the indoor tanning industry, emphasizing customer values, relationships and needs. We offer expertise in building state of the art tanning facilities by providing quality products, services, education, training, salon construction, and management consultation. Truly a full-service tanning supplier for today and tomorrow!

Lotion Programs/Deals

Over the last several years Video Buyers Group, Suntan Supply and New Sunshine Brands have combined efforts for a very successful promotion known as "The Lotion of the Month" program. Every month we keyed in on one lotion and our members received free packets, special pricing, ad materials and much more.

Many of our members took advantage of the LOTM program. However after many discussions with lotion manufacturers, our retailers and executives throughout the industry, we have decided to broaden the lotion horizon.

For the upcoming Tanning season we will be implementing a variety of new programs exclusive for VBG Members through Suntan Supply. Not only will you have access to very aggressive pricing on just about EVERY lotion from EVERY manufacturer that Suntan Supply supports, you’ll also be able to earn free goods, have access to marketing materials and much more from the leaders of the indoor Tanning industry.

Prepacks of hot selling lotions are currently being put together at prices you won’t believe. These prepacks will enable you to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of free product depending on purchases. All of this just for purchasing the hot-selling, money-making lotions you were likely going to purchase anyway, but at a substantially reduced price.

The VBG Website, VBG Newsletter and our Broadcast emails will help keep you up-to-speed on the latest offerings, however the most important thing you can do is call Suntan Supply and set-up an account. Already have one? Call and ask about current VBG member opportunities and find out for yourselves why they won’t let us put these deals in writing.