Sunless Education

Prepare for Sunless Treatment:

Exfoliate skin targeting dry areas within 24 hours prior to spray. It is important to remove dead cells for even coverage.Exfoliate lightly on delicate skin such as the face and neck.
Shave within 24 hours prior to sunless treatment. Shaving acts as an exfoliant, doing so after will prematurely fade sunless results.
Clean Skin of heavy beauty products. Including: lotion, sprays, make up, etc. Any product on skin will create a barrier.
Wear loose, dark fitting clothes. Solution will wash out of most fabrics except nylon and silk.
Prime Skin using Maximizer to balance and nourish skin for even, dark color.

Self Application:

Remain still, don’t bend or drastically move immediately after application, allow solution to dry.
Be strategic when applying California Tan® Instant Sunless Lotion, Foam or Spray. Think of your body in zones (arms, legs, torso, etc) and apply sunless to one zone at a time.
Apply extra layers of California Tan® Instant Sunless Lotion or Instant Sunless Spray to calves and thighs, or any other area where skin may be thicker, as these areas will not absorb as quickly.
Control temperature, never apply in a steamy, hot bathroom or on a humid day.
Reapply a light coat if after 24 hours you desire a deeper darker tan.
For optimal results and maximum color results, use California Tan® Step 2 products with California Tan® Step 1 and 3 products.

Prolong Sunless Treatments:

Moisturize daily, it’s best if done with a California Tan®Tan Extender as it will nourish and refresh color.
Cleanse gently using a Sulfate-Free body wash like California Tan®Sunless Body Wash.
Stay cool, hot showers and overheated spaces will dry out skin causing color to fade or strip.
Relax and avoid sweat producing activities for 24 hours while DHA fully develops.
Skip the soaks, exposure to chlorinated or salt water can result in color fading.

Storage and Shipping Recommendation
The California Tan® Research and Development team takes great pride in producing breakthrough sunless formulas that contain the best skincare technology on the market. This is why we insist that our product be delivered to you in the same prime state that it leaves our lab. As always, we think of our customers and end users in mind with all decisions made to ensure the highest quality and durability of our products. Therefore we suggest sunless storage to be maintained at or below room temperature (approximately 72˚ F) and shipped in the coolest conditions or as quickly as possible. We always encourage everyone to keep all DHA containing product as cool as possible to prolong its life.