Suntan Supply Advantages


Video Buyers Group has been involved in the tanning industry since 1991. Since that time our members have combined to be one of the largest accounts in the indoor tanning industry. Due to the sheer volume our members purchase, we have been able to work out agreements with the leading names in the tanning industry to enable our members to receive numerous benefits and advantages.

As the manufacturers and distributors don’t want others to see what is being offered to our guys, they asked us not to publish the VBG exclusive deals online. However, feel free to look at recent ads in our Vid News publication (you can find online by clicking the publications tab on this website) and see for yourself. The ads are in every newsletter. Plenty of monthly deals and opportunities to earn more free goods, but as a member of VBG you’ll also receive substantial discounts on most every product you buy.

In order to take full advantage of the deals we’ve worked out, you should call Suntan Supply at 888-521-3592. Want a sneak peak at all their promotions? Register for access to their website by going to  Customers of Suntan Supply can use that website access earn/track co-op, see every promotion being offered, view the email only promotions, run reports on your purchases, access downloadable materials and much more!