Ted’s take on the Suntan Supply Advantage?

So many of our VBG retailers understand that the more participation we get in the programs that VBG offers, the more opportunities we can achieve that benefit everyone. It’s all about numbers. To date Video Buyers Group is the largest account for our distributor of choice Suntan Supply, and one of New Sunshine’s (the largest and most noted lotions manufacturer) largest accounts nationally.

Due to our retailers support, VBG has been able to renegotiate our agreements with Suntan Supply and New Sunshine, which will enhance our indoor tanning programs considerably.

Brief Summary of New Agreements

  1. Discounts offered by Suntan Supply have been increased for most VBG member retailers purchasing from them. This new discount on salon price is equal to, and in many cases larger than what most major chains receive. There are no minimums. You need only be a VBG member in good standing and have an active account with Suntan Supply. Call Suntan Supply for further details (800.989.8267) and ID yourself as a VBG member.
  2. More lotions and products for less money. We will have a new lotions packet program for the upcoming tanning season.

    The New Sunshine Lotion packets allocated to Video Buyers Group for our “Lotion of the Month” program, that retailers involved in indoor tanning receive in their monthly marketing kits, will now be a part of the new programs implemented at Suntan Supply. Along with these added lotion packets and specials such as “Buy One Get One Free” and other incentives, our retailers will get much more for their dollars spent. This also lowers the per unit price, which helps increase cash flow and profits.

  3. Marketing Support. Our Vid Bits Gazette consumer magazines will continue to advertise specific New Sunshine lotions each month throughout the seasons. These magazines will come in the monthly marketing kits and will continue to promote indoor tanning as well as the products and promotions that are a part of the new VBG programs offered exclusively through Suntan Supply.

To summarize, with our retailers’ support over the next 12 to 18 months we have a window of opportunity to increase our presence in the indoor tanning industry. VBG has renegotiated agreements with Suntan Supply as well as with New Sunshine. VBG retailers that participate in our new programs will be paying less and getting considerably more for just about everything needed by a tanning retailer to generate cash flow and profits.

For further details call Suntan Supply at 800.989.8267. Be sure to ID yourself as a VBG member. Don’t wait because the 2013 season is quickly approaching and you’ll want to be set up before the season starts.