New Sunshine is proud to offer a variety of trainings and advanced trainings for our salon partners. Most of which, can be customized for a single salon and are available online.

Training Tracks:

  1. Premier Salon Training:
    • Minimum 15 attendees per class.
    • Location: must be off-site or in a dedicated training room.
    • Focus: product information and selling tools.
  2. Live Webinars:
    • Any salon, any number of attendees.
    • Location: online Wednesdays at 12:00 pm EDT (replayed throughout the week)
    • Focus: product information and selling tools. Upon request, webinars can be customized and held privately for an individual salon or chain.
  3. Training on Demand:
    • Location: online 24/7, a previously recorded library of videos.
    • Focus: product information, sales tools and more.
  4. Regional Trainings:
    • Location: select cities duringNovember and December.
    • Focus: new product information.
  5. Single Salon Forums:
    • Location: Hampton Inn, Maple Grove, MN December 4th, 2013
    • Focus: designed to provide a setting for single location salons to provide direct feedback and learn about what New Sunshine and their distributors have to offer.
  6. Distributor Seminars/Symposiums:
    • Sandusky, OH on 12/14/13 & St. Cloud, MN on 1/4/13
    • Focus: connects salons with New Sunshine Sales Experts to gain knowledge about current products.

Advanced Training Tracks:

  1. Advanced Selling Skills:
    • Created for Salon Staff.
    • Addresses the finer points of selling; including: asking the right questions, overcoming objections, suggestive selling and more!
    • Available on-line or in person.
  2. Learn How Women Shop and Men Buy:
    • Created for Salon Staff.
    • Addresses how to sell to customers by using the way they are motivated to buy, resulting in higher sales numbers and happier clients.
    • Available on-line or in person.
  3. Dollars and $ense:
    • Created for Salon Staff.
    • Helps the salon staff better identify and market what makes your salon different than competitors.
    • Available on-line or in person.
  4. Employee Retention:
    • Created for Salon Owner or Manager.
    • Discusses different ideas to reward and retain great employees.
    • Available on-line or in person.
  5. The Proof is in the Numbers – Tracking your Salon’s Performance:
    • Created for Salon Owner or Manager.
    • Addresses how to calculate the real performance of each employee and the salon as a whole. Also discusses tips to increase employee performance.
    • Available on-line or in person.
  6. Train the Trainer Academy:
    • Created for Salon Owner, Manager or Trainer.
    • A full day workshop that teaches owners, managers and trainers how to more effectively train salon staff.
    • Held at New Sunshinecorporate office.

Note: The on-line webinars will be featured on a rolling calendar basis, replayed during the week of the live session and will be available in the archive library for future viewing. In order to have ANY in person training, you must qualify for Premier Salon Trainings. For additional information on training, visit

New Sunshine Training Quick Guide

For in-depth, in person training…

Recommendation: Premier Salon Training
Qualifiers:  Premier Salon, off-site location or dedicated training room in salon, minimum of 15 employees attending    

For in-depth, in person training for fewer than 15 employees…

Recommendation: Live Webinars (Wednesdays at 12 pm EDT) or Training on Demand
Qualifiers: None!
Note: Personal, customized webinars available upon request.

For training any time, any day or night…

Recommendation: Training on Demand
Qualifiers: None!
Note: Topics can be chosen from a library of videos and are available 24/7.

For advanced training for staff members…

Recommendation: Training Tracks “Advanced Selling Skills”, “How Women Shop”, and “Dollars and $ense.”
Qualifiers: None!

For advanced training for Owners/Managers…

Recommendation: Training Tracks “Employee Retention”, “The Proof is in the Numbers -Tracking your Salon’s Performance” or Train the Trainer Academy.
Qualifiers: None!